Jeroen Wand's Coffeetable

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Jeroen Wand is a young upcoming Dutch Designer. Who experiments with materials in a raw and new way.
His works are very pure and have an innovative look and feel. His furniture designs sometimes almost feel like a piece of art. He also designs smaller objects. This coffeetable is made out of pressed birch veneer layers.

This wonderful coffeetable by Jeroen Wand, was presented by us at our fair booth at the fair for Antiques, Vintage, Modern art and Design, de PAN

JEROEN WAND (1985) studied product design at the Academy of fine Arts and Design in Maastricht (NL), in 2008 he graduated with an MA at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam (NL). Currently, Jeroen Wand lives and works in Eindhoven. 

Studio Jeroen Wand creates products and objects where traditional combinations of materials and techniques are modified, altered or reinvented, culminating into unconventional production processes such as paper laminating or plaster rotation moulding. 

The work of the studio is the result of experiments and research where the method of production directly influences the form and function


Seemingly useless pieces of leftover veneer are pressed together to form a sturdy whole. A labor-intensive process that leads to an elegant visual language with some rough edges.

The technique that is used stems from the industrial process of laminating. Here this technique is executed manually. By pressing the different layers of veneer together in a specific mold, the material is shaped and gains its strength. 

The manual process allows for more freedom in arranging the individual parts of veneer, where each has a different color and structure. The small pieces of veneer from different wood types such as oak, birch, spine and wenge are now part of an intricate composition. 

Technique: laminating 

Measurements: large 230x120x80 cm, small 120x70x45 cm

Product group: table

Year: 2015 

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