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The characteristic shape of Manhattan's city center as a poured and matt-finished aluminium bowl. Manhattan at a scale of 1:10.000. That's the Metrobowl from Frederik Roijé, who describes it himself as :  “A design from the city I love”. In the same series of bowls: Amsterdam.

Metrobowl Manhattan

A stunning aluminium bowl formed from the characteristic layout of Manhattan's city center and canal ring. This fruit bowl designed by Frederik Roijé in 2010 is to scale. And to a scale of 1:10000, so that one centimeter of bowl represents 100 meters of New York. The bowl is made of poured aluminium that is given a light matt finish once it has hardened. The Metrobowls are made and finished in Holland.

Attractive and practical:


The Metrobowl is an attractive piece, but also has a practical use as a fruit bowl.



World cities are a rich source of inspiration for designers. Characteristic street maps form the basis for Frederik Roijé's Metrobowls.

More cities:


Up to now, Frederik Roijé has designed Metrobowls featuring two appealing and clearly recognizable city maps: Amsterdam and New York.

Product specifications:


 Matted aluminium


  x x cm (h x b x d)




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