Eames DTW table and 6 DCW chairs

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Charles and Ray Eames, set of DTW table and 6 DCW chairs

Rare DTW1 Dining Table in ash by Charles & Ray Eames. Early edition by Evans Products for Herman Miller (1946-1947). This early version in ash was produced in very limited numbers. Most DTW-1 tables were executed in birch. This dining table was designed at the same time as Charles Eames' much more famous molded plywood chairs. The single 90-degree fold in each of the beautiful bent-plywood legs is all that is needed to stabilize them. Lots of people bought the Eames plywood chairs; very few bought the Eames plywood table. Consequently it was produced for only a few years, and is today quite rare, especially in the lovely condition that this example is in. 

Literature: Eames Design: "The Work of the Office of Charles and Ray Eames," Neuhart, Neuhart and Eames, p. 62 and p. 68; "The Herman Miller Collection" (manufacturer’s catalog), 1948, p. 64.

Dimensions: 73 x 135 x 85 cm

Dining Chair Wood (DCW) from Charles & Ray Eames. This wonderful plywood chair is from first production (1946/47) by Evans and has the original Evans label. The vintage chair including the rubber shockmounts are still in a very good condition. We have six pieces available, which are only for sale as a set.

Dimensions: 47 x 50 x 78 cm


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