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Rex Rocking Chair is AVAILABLE IN

  • Natural - White  - Black - 

Rex Rocking Chair is a must-have for promising creative minds and retrospective idealists. Forget your preconceived notion that the rocking chair is for grandmothers. The elegant and stylish Rex Rocking Chair will rock your world. Anywhere you place it, it immediately becomes a center of attention. It’s a perfect place for a chill out, to lull your baby to sleep or when you need a piece of mind after a long day.

Design is identical to the legendary Rex Chair, with addition of two curved strips for rocking. It is made of the finest natural materials, has a simple, solid wood construction and fluid folding mechanism. It is available in standard finishes and variety of colors.

W: 58cmL: 85cmH: 77cm

W: 60cmL: 90cmH: 17cm 

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