Nagel, Candleholders

ATOMIC NAGEL candleholders from the 1960s

Architectural stackable candleholders from the 60s designed by Ceasar Stoffi for Nagel West Germany. The elements look like molecular and atomic structures. These candleholders hold thin candles and these can be ordered by us per box (24 pieces for € 17.50).

A must for the MODERNIST. Individual elements of chrome-plated steel can be stacked easily due to their triangular shape. There are several build-up options possible to create an unique sculpture.

All candleholders are freshly polished.
Vintage plated metal (nickel, steel)
€35 per element, minimum order 4 pieces.

2.5 "H x 4" W x 4 "L
6,5 cm H x 10.2 cm W x 10.2 cm L

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