JELLEMA | House, 2013

House, 2013

Painted wood and lead

height 19 cm
width 12 cm
depth 6 cm

Wietse Jellema is a Dutch artist who makes beautiful works of art from 'low budget' materials. However, the seemingly simple creations are sublime. They are timeless, poetic and unique eye-catchers.

After his education at the Amsterdamse Grafische School and the Rijksacademie in Amsterdam, Jellema worked for years as a graphic designer and was also involved in etching and painting.

From the late eighties, Jellema became interested in the visual qualities of existing materials and shapes. Figurative objects are created in a playful way. He is guided by associations with material, content and form. His works are as simple and pure as possible and often show an element of relativity or humor.

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