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Washing becomes playing! Designer Floris Hovers translates a soap shape into a boat. There are two models: the Zeepbootje and the new Onderzeepbootje.

Floris Hovers designed this beautiful series of Zeepbootjes for Design X Ambacht.

Design X Ambacht is an initiative of care organization Siza. Where people at a distance from the labor market encounter obstacles, Siza offers support; with expertise and experience. 
Leading designers work with people with a distance to the labor market to develop beautiful design products in the workshops of Siza. The designers look at the possibilities and talents in their own way and use their qualities. That forms the basis for the designs.

Hovers' designs originate from the process of making. In his large workshop he builds, constructs and researches his ideas. Color plays a central role. Hovers was inspired by the experience and expertise of the client employees in Siza's soap workshop at De Buitenplaats in Arnhem and Zutphen. The boats are manufactured individually and everyone can participate, learn and participate according to their ability.

The boats are made entirely by hand. The colors are poured per layer in molds. Each piece is unique. A subtle fresh perfume has been added to the soaps. The soaps are individually packed in a gift box.

Weight of soap: 200 grams

Size: 13 x 4 x 4 cm

Color options: The Zeepbootjes are available in different color combinations.


If you are interested in this work, please send an email to [email protected] or call +31206253738 or +31651382202.

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